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The White Hat Cyber Security Project

The Cyber Security Warrior

The White Hat Cyber Security Project is designed to address the increase in network attacks with a dual network testing system produced from re-purposed computers as a cost-effective tool that will serve professionals and students.


The introduction of Windows 10, promised users-increased security, although the lack of affordable cyber security tools for students use to detect vulnerabilities in businesses, schools, and personal devices are not-readily available for individuals that desire  employment as a network security technician.  All network students and professional technicians are aware of the wide-availability of tools that are used to test the penetrability-impenetrability of networks, and they are informed of the costs to acquire or the knowledge required to obtain free and powerful Unix/Linux tools. The desirable tool set for a network technician, includes a mix of purchased and free tools, but the latter requires the skills and ability to install and use.

The Solution

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This shortfall has been examined by our professional CISCO Network instructors who recognized that the problem exists, because of the lack of professional network tools, and education does not provide the appropriate curricula that has the potential to threaten everyones cyber security.

The Solution has been developed to address this issue, and the problem associated with the costs to students and technicians of acquiring the professional cyber security tools, including the cost of the equipment required.

The White Hat Cyber Security project was developed to address the following:

1. The creation of a custom operating system designed with the most popular networking tools,

2. The re-purposing of obsolete laptops (fully-functional Windows XP models) in the marketplace,

3. The assembly of a team of work-challenged individuals to produce the finished product.


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